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Cloud Gaming Platform

Developed a prototype for a Cloud Gaming Platform. to make gaming accessible for anyone with a good internet connection. The proposed business model for the prototype would be a subscription-based model providing the users a set number of hours online gaming.


Mobile Applications & Games Development

Developed many mobile applications the latest of which was to help learners recite verses of their Holy book, QuranX, with easy navigation. All proceedings from the application go to charity.

Developed a simple arcade game in my early days of mobile programming to test gaming engines in general and to test my mobile development ecosystem for future applications.


Browser Extensions for Productivity

Developed widely used productivity and proof of concept browser extensions:

  • Kahoot! Hack Chrome Extension (over 635,000 users) - created using JavaScript, HTML, CSS

  • Quizizz Hack Chrome Extension (over 17,000 users) - created using JavaScript, HTML, CSS

  • Hack Chrome Extension (over 12,000 users) - created a Proof of Concept chrome extension

  • Wordle Extension (over 500 users) - Ported the famous word game wordle to an extension for quick play | Extension featured by Google!

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